Our history

Brady is founded

Brady was founded by Dr Robert Brady to provide
derivative solutions for members of the London
Metal Exchange.

Listed on AIM

Brady was listed on AIM to provide extra stability, strength and visibility of governance to customers. The public listing provided the company with ready access to capital from supportive investors in order to further growth through acquisition to complement its organic activities.

A new management team

Recognising the opportunities open to the company within this dynamic and fast paced industry, Brady recruited a new management team to further the growth of the business. As Brady had a good platform in metals, the new Board was brought in to drive further growth in the business via international expansion, strengthening marketing and distribution as well as solution diversification. The Board considered a strategy of carefully selected acquisitions to enhance Brady’s offering to its customers.

Enhancing the metals solution

Brady successfully acquired Commodities Software (UK) Ltd (Comsoft), which focused on raw materials and concentrates. By acquiring Comsoft, Brady was able to utilise the team’s leading solutions and domain expertise to offer customers a more complete metals solution. The business grew significantly.

Entering the energy market

The Viveo acquisition offered customers a globally deployed end to end solution for physical and future contract administration, risk management, physical trading, profit and loss analytics, inventory management, trade finance and document management with integrated accounting functionality. Late 2010 saw Brady’s entrance into the energy market and the acquisition of Viz Risk Management.

A stronger position in energy

The Navita acquisition brought additional energy expertise and client base to the Group. A significant company in the physical power markets, it helped to consolidate the company’s position as the leading energy software company in Europe. The combination of Brady Energy’s (formerly Viz) financial and risk management skills aligned with Navita’s proven strength in physical energy trading made a very compelling rationale for the acquisition. By bringing Syseca into the Brady group, a team of energy experts in the physical power scheduling space was acquired.

Syseca provided a European-wide scheduling and balancing solution covering the major Transmission System Operators, which further complemented the Brady Energy offering and provided customers with a complete solution for their physical and financial energy trading requirements. SAI was the market leader in recycling software which highly complemented Brady’s existing market leading metals and concentrates trading business.

Stepping into credit risk

Brady acquired ScrapRunner, the leading product designed specifically for the scrap metal recycling industry for managing complex container scheduling & tracking. Brady ended the year strong with the acquisition of Energy Credit, a company with specialised domain expertise in credit risk to the energy and commodity markets. The acquisition was completed to enhance Brady’s presence as a global risk management solution provider.

A time for refocus

In early January divestment of SAI and ScrapRunner saw Brady refocus its efforts on the Trading and Risk Management markets.

The Brady Compass

2019 saw the development and roll out of The Brady Compass. The Brady Compass, was created out of a set of Leadership Commitments, Inspire, Be Close, Believe and Deliver. These points represent a commitment to the actions and behaviours we believe are most important to exhibit for the success of our people and our business. The Compass and its Commitments establish the foundation of our Brady culture and continue to embed into each of our day to day dealings, decisions and interactions.

Becoming Carbon Neutral

Brady achieved certification as a Carbon Neutral Company. Brady selected two Gold Standard carbon offset renewable energy projects which are aligned with our investor’s sustainability goals of driving efficiency and clean energy. The projects use wind and solar energy respectively to create electricity for the local population, replacing fossil fuels and helping to create sustainable development whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Brady is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and helping to reduce the spread of climate change and resource depletion.

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