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Maximise revenues from short-term power trading.

Get a better price – buy or sell at the right time

Generate or consume power
at the most profitable time

Switch to alternate revenue streams if they are more profitable

Profit from
imbalance markets

Be first to react when your competitor suffers an unforeseen event

Monitor live P&L to
maximise your performance

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Market connectivity

EPEX SPOT day-ahead trading

EPEX SPOT intraday trading

Nord Pool day-ahead

Nord Pool intraday

GME (IPEX) day-ahead

GME (IPEX) intraday

Ancillary service markets including capacity, balancing and reserve bidding

Other Brady energy solutions
Increase productivity of physical power trading operations

High energy price volatility continues to be driven by fluctuations in demand and supply, seasonality and extreme weather. Increasing volumes of complex data including forecasts, pricing indexes, TSO notifications, production output and meter data need to be analysed accurately and fast to make more profitable trading decisions. Brady’s solutions for physical power trading support the management of complex trading books with processing of time series data in real-time. Automated workflows in settlement and invoicing help to achieve greater cost control.

The varying degrees of market liberalisation in Europe requires power traders to meet complex requirements of local and regional TSOs. Checking the balances and performing scheduling/nomination functions needs to be conducted as close as possible to real-time. Attempting to adhere to individual TSO protocol manually with large volumes of trading data increases the risk of errors in reporting imbalances.

Brady’s power scheduling solution saves several hours a day of a power scheduler’s time, enabling the delivery of traded power across 30+ countries in Europe with ease. Brady’s power scheduling software helps to meet gate closure deadlines to avoid incurring penalty fees from the TSO, enabling traders to act on profitable opportunities quicker.

Create optimal energy derivatives trading strategies whilst reducing impact of market risks

The intermittent nature of renewables generation is challenging to translate into hedging strategies, mark-to-market and risk calculations.

Brady’s ETRM software helps you achieve higher trading profits in power, gas, oil, coal, green certificates, emissions and FX. It offers real-time financial views of volumes, positions, risk exposure, cash flows and P&L. Industry acclaimed energy risk models, stress testing, ‘what-if’ analysis and Monte Carlo VaR simulations for cash flow at-risk and profit-at-risk support rigorous risk management. Structured contracts and power purchase agreements (PPAs) can be valued more accurately. Detailed reporting of trading performance helps to meet management demands and REMIT, EMIR and MIFID II compliance.

Protect profits with rigorous energy credit risk management

In challenging economic times, managing liquidity requires a tighter control on credit. Brady’s credit risk solution helps to mitigate counterparty risk and prevent financial loss. It offers pioneering decision support via real-time alerting of credit events and market conditions. The solution enables exposure management, margining/collateral management and limits setting across the business.

Works with your existing energy trading technology

Brady’s software interoperates with other trading critical solutions such as energy demand forecasting,
algo trading and asset optimisation tools, to help you maximise return on investment.

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