Brady Trinity accelerates digitalisation of APAC metals trading

China has become a dominant player in global precious metals trading, becoming the world’s largest gold producer and consumer. The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) is today the world’s largest physical gold exchange.  The combination of both Chinese policies (allowing manufacturers

Brady Technologies acquires CRisk

LONDON – Wednesday September 15th 2021 – Brady Technologies (“Brady”), a leading provider of energy and commodities trading, risk and logistics management software, is pleased to announce that it has acquired CRisk, an enterprise risk management platform for the energy

Utility Not so Big 6

Your business looks nothing like it used to 20 years ago, apart from a legacy ETRM system If you lead a trading desk based at a long established utility (as I did for many years), I can guarantee that: Your

The new era of algorithmic energy trading in Great Britain

As volatility and complexity increase in European energy markets due to the rising prominence of renewable energy, traditional manual trading – although good at times – is currently not enough to capitalise on the new ‘wave’ of opportunities available. We

A Trader’s Perspective on Short-Term Power Trading

New ways to profit If you are a Head of Energy Trading, working at an established commodities trading business, it’s highly likely that your leadership has been considering a move into short-term power trading. It is really a case of