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from short-term power markets.

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SaaS short-term power trading solution designed by traders

PowerDesk has all the tools you need to accelerate intraday and day-ahead power trading profits.
Secure opportunities faster with intelligent visualisation of live P&L, net open positions,
direct trading on EPEX and Nord Pool and TSO connectivity from a single dashboard.


With renewables generation taking up a growing proportion of your portfolio, you are looking to transform your existing trading desk into a short-term powerhouse.

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Asset developers

You have built your renewable assets and are thinking about how best to monetise them. Instead of outsourcing trading activities, retain profits and continue to invest in your portfolio.

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Energy traders

With volatility at its highest
for over a decade, you are ready
to invest in the tools your traders need to compete and profit in
short-term power markets.

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Oil & gas majors

You are investing in your renewables business, but your existing IT infrastructure is not set up to meet the demands of intraday power trading.

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Key features


Market connectivity
in one place

Exchange connectivity
in one place

The ability to flex assets if you have them

Advanced augmented trading screens

Market insight alongside your position

Advanced position management screens

Algorithmic automation of your trading strategy

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for your organisation

The Future of Short-Term Power Trading in Europe
Gain the latest market insights on flexibility trading.

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